FAQs | IncomeB


IncomeB is an investment program designed to provide daily returns to all of its investors. This program is promoted by an R&D based Bio Pharma start-up which is currently working under stealth mode. The idea is to use the funds raised through this program to expedite the company’s R&D work while paying the investors their daily returns from the company’s existing revenue sources. To learn more please visit ‘Who’ and ‘How It works’ pages.

Anyone can become an investor with a minimum investment of 50 USD for which you get a daily return of 1.25% of your investment for 365 days. For instance, if Person A invested 500 USD in our program, he will receive 500 x 1.25% = 6.25 USD daily for 365 days. So, by the end of the plan he will get 2281.25 USD in total as standard returns.

YES, we do offer referral bonus of 10% for every referral investment.

YES, to provide benefits like security, transparency and resourcefulness of crypto currencies to our investors we are planning to launch an Ethereum based IncomeB token in the future. For more details on this please visit the ‘Token’ page.

Yes, as a reward to the trust of the early investors of our project, we want to distribute our smart tokens to our investors at 2020 times their investment. For instance, if Person A invested 500 USD in our program, he will receive 500 x 1.25% = 6.25 USD daily for 365 days under standard plan and additional he will receive 500 x 2020 = 1010000 IB smart tokens as a reward.

The tentative launch price of the IB smart token is $ 0.0025 USD.

For instance, you have invested $ 100 USD in IncomeB and received 202000 IB smart tokens for free, so our free IB tokens are worth $505 USD (202000 x 0.0025). And you can monetize them as soon as they get into an exchange.

First, you need to go to ‘Get started’ page and give in your details to sign up. Once you logged in to your account you will be led to your user dashboard. In the dashboard open ‘Financials’ Tab, go to ‘Add funds’ window, enter your desired investment amount and select the payment processor click submit to add funds to your account. Once the funds are added then go to ‘Invest’ window and enter how much you want to invest, select the payment processor and click submit. That’s it you have successfully made your investment in IncomeB program.

Don’t be panicked, just send us the transaction/reference details, we will add them manually.

All your earnings including daily returns will be automatically credited to your IB cash wallet, you can withdraw your funds from there.

No, you will not get your principle back. All you get is a daily return of 1.25% for 365 days.

Exchange rates are calculated automatically at the time of transaction by referring to Blockchain for BTC price and Coinbase for ETH price.

IncomeB will not be responsible in case you have submitted wrong payment processor details while withdrawal. We request all members to check payment processor details thoroughly before making a deposit or withdrawal.

Yes, you can track your earnings and other transaction details in your user dashboard, go to Chronicles Tab in your dashboard to see all your transaction details.

Don’t Worry. Please contact us with complete details at support@incomeb.io

Yes, you can find your affiliate link and marketing materials like banner in the user dashboard. Go to ‘Be an Ambassador’ tab to find them.

We are present in both Kakaotalk and Telegram. If you have any queries you can always drop us an email at support@incomeb.io