Its is all about how the Income manage the whole process

Currently we are not in a position to reveal any names of our management team as we are still a stealth start-up.

Wondering what a stealth start-up means?

Well, let us put it in plain English. Stealth start-up is a start-up company that purposefully avoids all kinds of public attention for various reasons.

As we said earlier in our website, we are a Bio Pharma Start up and we are predominantly into early stage research and development (R&D) of pharmaceuticals. We offer our R&D services largely to Big Pharma companies; we take their pipeline projects through Phase 1 and Phase 2 or sometimes through pre-clinical stages and hand over the project. Operating in stealth mode is not very uncommon in pharma industry, many companies does this, especially those work in R&D. Instead of shouting from the rooftops they go into what we call stealth mode. They silently do their research work, discreetly sign partnerships with other companies avoiding all kinds of media and public attention and when time comes, out of nowhere, they go public with a finished product.

We are no different from those companies, as we deal mostly with R&D, confidentiality becomes our utmost priority. Most of our clients are big pharma companies and their projects are worth millions of dollars, so they insist on extreme concealment to avoid any piece of information to reach their competitors, media and authorities. This is one of the reasons we work under stealth mode. Another reason is that we are also pursuing our independent research related to AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance), this is also the reason why we started this IncomeB program. We needed funds to expedite our research work, but most VCs usually are very impassive towards stealth companies and since we want to continue as a stealth start-up until our research work is completed, VCs are a dead end for us. Hence, we decided to raise funds through this platform, this way we thought we could raise funds without revealing our identity, at least until our work is completed, also we could provide a stable and sustainable secondary income source to those who need it in these trouble times. A perfect win-win we thought.

Once our research work is completed, we will go public, we will announce our team, our research work and other details. We are anticipating that we will reach our timelines as per our roadmap.

Till then trust us and kindly bear with us.

NOTICE: IncomeB project has openings in Management, Marketing and Technical departments. Anyone with interest to join and has commendable knowledge and experience in the areas of Blockchain Technology, Crypto currencies, Marketing and Finance of ICOs can contact us with their CV.