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A product or a service that wins is the one that connects customers to the future.

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Regardless of the obscurity, negativity and volatility clouded around the current state of cryptocurrencies, one thing is pretty clear is, with much needed changes, they are going to be the future of financial transactions.

For those familiar with history, reserve currencies changed from the gold standard to the dollar in place today and it will still change. A major economic crisis is going to erode the power of the United States dollar and other fiat currencies meaning there will be a need for a replacement. Many analysts and financial experts are of the solid opinion that cryptocurrencies are already in the best position to become the next world reserve currency.

Hence, to prepare our customers for this much-expected future and also allow them to enjoy all the gains of cryptocurrencies, we are coming up with our cryptocurrency based on Ethereum blockchain technology which is known for being secure and resourceful.

The plan in place is to establish our cryptocurrency towards the end of 2020, specifically around November when the window will be opened for everyone to make money and crypto invest. It will also be released with our white paper which is visible on the roadmap. Stakeholders can get complimentary tokens by taking part in the investment program, see more details in the How It Works section. Extra details on the token will be released soon on this website so please watch out.

We are taking out time to come out with a proper token and it is because we are coming up with a solid digital token that we have put the launch time to be around the end of 2020. We are not rushing to provide a less-than-perfect cryptocurrency but we want something that will last and give us the value we want.


Nothing in business world would get done, if it wasn’t for deadlines.

We are setting up a deadline for our token launch.

Hurry up folks, free tokens are for those who get on board before the launch!!